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What Red Says About You

Our Moroccan Romance lookbook is just so darn beautiful I can get over it Bold powerful full of color and strength A stunning blue background with gorgeous pops of red all over It inspired me to take another look into color psychologythis time around red Red is the color of passion of fire It bright and loud and burns with intensity If you find yourself drawn to the color red it may also be true that p You are full of courage and confidence You view the world through optimistic eyes and know that you can take on whatever life throws your way You are an extrovert a socializer expressive by nature You are stimulating to be around Youe filled to the brim with energy and others are drawn to this aspect of you You give off something that others may not be able to generate on their own Youe magnetic You are impulsive Youe known to make decisions in the blink of an Wholesale Louis Vuitton Epi Leathe eye without always thinking of repercussions Your reactions are quick your patience is low You8217re quick to anger but do not hold a grudge Youe full of passion Whether positive or negative when you feel it you feel it 8212 and youe always sure to let it be known Youe not afraid to pursue your goals and youe constantly pursuing Why wait when it can be done right now You have a short attention span Though ultradetermined with your eye on the prize you move quickly from one subject to another tiring of anything that hangs around for too long You8217re constantly on a search for the newest the best the next level You like to be at the top You8217re always striving to be the first to accomplish thisor theexcel atthat You8217re intelligent and you want people to know it You8217re incredibly hardworking and it doesn8217t go unseen Do any of these things sound like you Let us know See some of our other color psychology posts Products shown Nduramu Njarii Cuff Henna Statement Ring V Ring Starlo Slip On Second Thoughts Top Tapestry Hip Belt Ezmeralda Belt Tapestry amp Tassel Tote Follow FP Brigette on Twitter Tags color psychology meaning of Buy Replica Chloe Calfski red moroccan romance red You Might Also Like inspirationMy New Favorite ThingDec 05 20137 comments