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Urban Farming: A Tour Of Greensgrow Philadelphia

Come spring and summer I start to really crave fresh fruits and vegetables I just want to eat crisp fresh foods that won8217t weigh me down too much It8217s really difficult to find quality produce in the city though 8211 which is why we8217re so lucky to have Greensgrow Farms Greensgrow was Chanel Ipad Iphone Case Prices Replica founded in 1997 by Mary Seton Corboy and Tom Sereduk who started out growing crops on a rented field in New Jersey while exploring the market for urban farming One day they found a litterstrewn lot in Kensington Philadelphia that had been a steel galvanizing factory and signed a lease The first crop of their urban farm consisted exclusively of baby field greens grown hydroponically for wholesale but it was the switch over to retail that really helped Greensgrow become what it is today Their grassroots approach is what makes them so inspiring 8211 from pest control a black cat named Blanche to the very construction of their nurseries made of used parts to their bee hives handmedowns Mary got at a dinner party Today Greensgrow is a nationally recognized leader in urban farming and runs a number of initiatives such as their seasonal CSAs referred to by them as City Supported Agriculture since they are located in the city Cheap Replica Hermes Fla Farmstand Community Kitchen and Nursery It8217s an amazing place 8211 if you live in the area you must check it out I8217m also signing up for their summer CSA and I8217ll be sure to share all the delicious produce that I get here on the blog For now here8217s a photo tour of Greensgrow Visit their website greensgrow org Greensgrow encourages planting things like lettuce in with your flowers It8217s a great way to maximize your garden space Visit their website greensgrow org Tags farm greensgrow farms philadelphia greensgrow urban farm healthy eating urban farming wellness