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A little history first about 5 years ago I bought an Invicta 8926 to get started in replica franck muller long island watches the world of automatic watches It lived up to the rave reviews I had read online and I was very pleased with its quality and performance However 5 years is about the shelf life for any automatic watch before an overhaul is necessary it employs a mechanical engine after best replica michael kors products belts replica all This costs anywhere from 150 to 200 and it s a procedure just as necessary to keep a Rolex running well as a Seiko or well an cheap replica replica michael kors products belts Invicta Along with needing routine servicing my old Invicta had become pretty beat up from years of hard use camping hiking rafting swimming and so replica michael kors products belts on and much as I like the watch I just couldn t justify spending two to three as mucch on repairs as I originally paid for the watch So I decided to get a new Invicta but wanted something a little different than the classic Submariner look and thought I d take a chance on this model I ve had it for a week and am very impressed The scalloped bezel and markings on the bezel insert are derived from the design of Omega dive watches and so offer a variation on the Rolex theme The 9094 is not exactly original but it is unique insofar as it combines features from several classic dive watch styles Also as far as I know the gleaming rather than brushed center links of the replica michael kors products belts for sale in uk bracelet are a feature unique to Invicta dive watches I think it s a great touch It also looks like Invicta has made some improvements over the years in terms of design The crown guards are much less clunky than on my 8926 and it sounds like the rotor spins much more easily The latter is just my impression Also buying a wholesale replica michael kors products belts the face of the 9094 picks up the light beautifully and like other reviewers I have to say that pictures simply don t do the watch justice It s running very accurately a bit fast perhaps but this is par for the course for mechanical watches and it should settle down in the next couple of months I have one complaint the bezel was pretty stiff out of the box but a couple of drops of Tri Flow lubricant placed in the seam between the bezel and the body of the watch loosened it up nicely All in all I highly recommend this watch At 70 and with free shipping it s an astonishing deal for a high quality timepiece