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Replica Celine Handbags Doe Run Farm

Last week I was lucky enough to go on a phenomenal field trip with other Free People and Urban Inc interns We were invited to visit the wholesale replica celine handbags cheap 400 acre Doe Run Farm in Chester County PA It almost unfair to even call the place a farm it was more like a country oasis for animals and humans alike We visited the cows goats and sheep which they house and milk for cheese All of the cheese is made on premise We got to see where it is made and then for lunch we were able to try a bit for ourselves it was amazing of course They also sell the cheese around local Philadelphia farmer markets our farmer market here at the home offices sells it every replica celine handbags replica wholesale replica celine handbags other Wednesday The buy luxury replica celine handbags farm had a beautiful pond lots of gardens and we got to see a bit of the replica celine handbags replicas for sale luxuriously rustic house itself I already posted some style photos from the trip here but checkout the rest of my photo diary from the trip P Tags cheese farm garden lifestyle picture this places rustic