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Pitchfork Music Festival: What to Pack?

Pitchfork Music Festival starts this Friday and wee going to soak in the very best of the indie music scene Fake Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 201 8212 from live performances by Beach House Lower Dens Real Estate Grimes and so many more to documenting what the festival has in term of style Chicago is a cosmopolitan city where indie music has a Wholesale Chloe Calfski huge influence on style fashion at Pitchfork is festival inspired but has that certain city streetcred vibe that makes it somewhat cool Wee heading there for 3 days and I packing light and taking with me 3 outfits consisting of 2 tops one pair of shorts one dress a bag and two pairs of shoes Pack light Outfit for Day One Captured Dreams Tunic Colored Denim Cutoff Shorts Studded Loveland Bag Thin Chain Arrowhead ID Bracelet All Star Zip Chucks Dree Eternal Ring Outfit Day Two Studded Loveland Bag Floral Print Shapeless Dress Neon Bracelet Zipper Ankle Boot Neon Bracelet Outfit Day Three Studded Loveland Bag Colored Denim Cutoff Shorts Plaid Wrap Top Check out more Fashion News here Tags festival fashion indie fashion indie music pitchfork pitchfork music festival what to pack