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Feiyue X Gumboots

A unique South African dance bred out of hardship of working in the gold mines in the 1880s The dancersâ rhythmical shoe slapping to an up tempo African Gumboots beat fuses with electro dub step to a climatic presentation Top Cheap Brand Handbags For Men Belts Luxury Handbags That is the key element of the video made by a talented award winning film graphic art duo from South Africa Porteus Xandau Director and Lucas Van High Quality Handbags Handbags Replica Discount Luxury Handbags Hermes Men Replica Vuuren Art Director and coordinated by Irfaan Fredericks producer a short video featuring the Feiyue Lo classic canvas sneakers was conceptualized Feiyue has been making bold impressions not only in Europe but other parts of the world as well A twist to the film is the ironic combination of the modern architectural backdrop and the dancers donning Feiyue It is an explosive film true to South AfricaÊ s rich and strong indigenous dance music traditions Feiyue X Gumboots from Feiyue on Vimeo